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This is a Yume Nikki fangame, so you will find maps really big where you must find effects or in this case memories (beside of other details that are going to be added) related with the history of the game.

The errors of the game where fixed and also where added some details.

If the game show you any error when you try to open it maybe is because you need to download the RTP RPG Maker 2003:



If there is another kind of error tell me on Twitter:


About language:

For the while, there is not version in English yet, The game is suposed to have a future option that would let you play in english or spanish.

For now, I'ts  recomend play the game in Spanish, the game does't have many texts for the moment, so the texts are not really so important for now in this actual first version.


The note in the ZIP file of the game, "Read me", can give you details about the game. 



Koharu Awakes up without memory in a house were only finds a little monster demon like him called Dani.

This monster wants to help Koharu to remember. Meanwhile every time Koharu goes to sleep,he find himsef in his soul world were he start to see memories of his past life and the moments before loose his memorys.


Koharver0.5.rar 18 MB

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